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We are a chartered physiotherapy clinic based in the state-of-the-art soccer complex in Drom, Galway, which is also home to Salthill Devon Football Club.

Thera-Fitness Physio Galway was established in 2007 by Feargal Geraghty and has had major developments since its inception.

Tricia Strelioff has recently being appointed as Head Physiotherapist and is aided by chartered physiotherapist Emmet Hartigan in offering top level physiotherapy treatment in Galway.

Thera-Fitness Physio Galway offers a wide range of physiotherapy services including treating all musculo-skeletal and sports injuries, lower back and neck pain, whiplash headaches, osteoporosis, pulmonary rehabilitation, foot and ankle pain and all varieties of arthritis.

The clinic also offers unique Hydrotherapy classes on a weekly basis at Ocean Fitness, Salthill Hotel Galway.  The classes are open to all patients of the clinic to assist the patient in dealing with post-operative recovery, degenerative joint/ spinal conditions and limited mobility conditions.

Thera Fitness Ltd

Located in the Drom Soccer Park, Drum East, Rahoon, Co. Galway.

We have ample free parking in a secure location.

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