Pre-Season Movement ScreenFunctional Pre-Season Movement Screen


Thera-Fitness Physio Galway is also proud to offer teams and individual athletes a detailed functional movement screen that will identify areas of asymmetry, weakness, tightness, etc. with a very functional based screening tool. Following the screen and testing, an individual corrective exercise and strength and conditioning program will be designed and supervised to minimize the chances of injury and improve researched based functional performance tests.

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The chartered physiotherapists at Thera-Fitness Ltd have combined a battery of tests to assess the functional movement of an athlete. This testing can be carried out at our state of the art facility in Drom Soccer Park. The results are analysed and an individualised pre-habilitation programme designed to reduce the risk of injury to an athlete is developed. These assessments can be carried out for an individual or for any competitive sports team as required.

Why should we do a pre-season movement screen?

The Functional Movement Screen is not a measurement tool, it is a way we must do is capture movement patterns.  We must work on the movement pattern before working on strength and flexibility problems as this, in isolation does not make movement patterns better.

Athletes will sometimes have as many if not more asymmetries or limitations as people who aren’t fit or aren’t athletic because sports impose asymmetries and imbalances on the body that need to be rectified in the off-season, in pre-season training, and during in-season maintenance.

With the movement screen it is important to identify the weakest link, as working on any movement pattern other than the weakest link, you cannot change the strength of the chain.Biomechanical Assessment

Screening always comes before testing, and often testing comes before assessment

The actual assessment assembles the data gathered, medical history or previous problems  and with the expertise of our chartered physiotherapists, we can identify potential movement faults and issue/instruct in a prevention/pre-habilitation program to prevent future problems, and enhance performance.

Functional movement screening as part of a pre-season screen is important for teams, players/athletes to identify these movement faults early in off-season, so that they can use the time to work on the prescribed specific exercise program received.  Off-season and pre-season exercise program of correction and not only improve movement patterns for enhanced performance but identify and correct past injury problems and pre-habilitate potential injury problems.

The athletes will receive a comprehensive and details program following the screening and assessment, and then follow up testing and screening is recommended further into the season to obtain exercise progressions based on improvements in these movement patterns.