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Thera-Fitness Physio Galway provides professional and proficient sports physiotherapy services to GAA, rugby, soccer, basketball, gymnastics and other sporting events. Fully qualified and CPR-certified, chartered physiotherapists are very experienced in pre-match strapping and treatments along with the provision of first aid during a match.

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Thera-Fitness chartered physiotherapists complete regular specialised training in first aid and sports traumatology to ensure that we are up to date on the latest techniques on acute injury management. All chartered physiotherapists working at Thera-Fitness are CPR certified. Our clinic provides an excellent environment with immediate access to assessment, treatment and rehabilitation following injury in either match or training sessions, as we cover both. We provide a personalised caring environment of excellence for acute injury management to ensure you are back in action with minimal delay.

Follow Up CareFollow-Up Care

Follow up chartered physiotherapy care will be available in our state of the art rehabilitation facility to all athletes who sustain an injury at any of the events we attend.

What makes us unique is that we guarantee the athlete is reviewed and an individualised treatment plan is established within 24hrs of injury.

Thera-Fitness is well respected within the Orthopaedic consultancy services in Galway and thus we can assist with urgent referrals to advanced care should this be required/deemed appropriate.

This communication system is well established thus further easing the concerns to the athlete and coaching staff of the teams we manage.

Please contact us to discuss your team’s needs and requirements. One-off event and/or regular team coverage is available on request.

Pre-Event Services 

Rigid tapes such as zinc oxide are used often by the Chartered Physiotherapists at Thera-Fitness Ltd to allow players who may have weakened or torn ligaments to safely play in competitive sport. Common injuries such as lateral ligament injuries or a ‘sprained ankle’ are often taped to prevent recurrence or the injury through the same mechanism. The tape can be used to limit the range of movement preventing further injury and giving additional stability. This is usually only carried out however after a player has been fully assessed by our chartered physiotherapists and has been working on a rehabilitation programme. While tape can be used very effectively in the short term, all injuries need to be fully rehabilitated and strengthened to continue playing sport safely. There are many ligaments, tendons and joints in the body which can be supported by rigid tapings and the chartered physiotherapists at Thera-Fitness Ltd will be able to assess and decide if taping is appropriate for you.

Other types of tapes which the chartered physiotherapists at Thera-Fitness Ltd often use are Kinesio tape, Dynamic Tape and other variations of these elasticated tapes. These differ from rigid taping as they tend to be used for muscular and tendon injuries and joints where more range-of-motion is required. This is unlike rigid tape, which is used to prevent movement and offer more stability.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is often used prior to matches to facilitate and activate latent muscle groups and stimulate blood flow. It is also used to mobilize tight myofascial tissue to allow for more effective muscle contractions during exercise. Massage can also be used post event to help remove lactic acid build up and reduce or eliminate the ‘heavy legs’ feeling of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).