Tricia Strelioff looked after the Galway Senior Hurling team for three seasons. I would have no difficulty endorsing her ability and professionalism throughout her tenure as team physiotherapist.

Tony Og Regan

Galway Hurler

“Thera-Fitness Physio Galway has been an essential component to my training and preparation throughout my running career. I cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism, specialist knowledge and innovation.”

Gary Thornton

Irish Athlete

I was suffering from back strain and aches for almost a decade. Thera-Fitness Physio Galway was the first clinic to identify the cause of the problem and treat my difficulties effectively.


Accountant and long-standing patient of the clinic

Emmett’s Hydrotherapy classes are hugely beneficial. I always feel great after a Hydrotherapy class.


Hydrotherapy Patient

During my time in the League of Ireland with Salthill Devon, Thera-Fitness Physio Galway looked after the team and provided top class match day physio together with injury care and prevention

Enda Curran

Derry City, former Galway United, Salthill Devon and Athlone Town Soccer Player

Tricia and the staff at Thera-Fitness helped me get back on my feet after major surgery quicker than I ever thought possible. They are a wonderful team.


Post-surgery patient

Tricia has been very kind and accommodating with her home help program.


Home Help Patient